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Water System Cleaning & Disinfection

New plumbing in residential and commercial buildings, water system clenaing and disinfection should be sanitized to kill bacteria when first put on line, or if repairs or service has been performed. 
Water system cleaning & disinfection immediately after clean & disinfect the following water systems:

1.Water Tanks


3.Cooling Towers

4. Swimming Pool /Jaccuzi

5. Spa Pool

6.Water Fountain

7.Water Falls

8.Water Distribution System (Pipeline)



     c.Pressure Pumps

Bio-films are layers of bacteria that attach to the interior walls of water distribution pipes and to one another -- most heavily around corroded surfaces on pipes. 
The bacterial community traps nutrients, microbes, and waterborne pathogens to eventually form an almost impenetrable material. 
Almost immediately after attaching itself to pipeline walls, the organism begins building upon itself, adding layer upon layer, forming a plaque-like coating. 

The start of bio-film growth can begin when the pipeline or distribution system is new due to the presence of dirt, foreign material, piping construction materials and bacteria from workers and the environment introduced during the construction phase. Additional contamination can occur if the piping is serviced or repaired.

After final flushing and the pipes will be filled with fresh potable water and samples will be collected randomly from different location.Sampling and testing will be carried out for the presence of bacteria by the third party laboratory approved by DM for TBC and legionella as per the DM guidelines for the control of legionella in water systems.