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Kitchen Exhaust / Duct / Extraction System Cleaning & Degreasing

Commercial Kitchen Operators and restaurant-owners can benefit from our expertise in providing a hassle-free, professional Kitchen Exhaust / Duct / Extraction System Cleaning in Dubai. Our experience has shown us that most kitchen operators will skip on, or postpone cleaning their kitchens to not interrupt their operations and thereby maximize their profits. However, what they don't know is that they are also exposing themselves and their investments to severe penalties, and worse, the inevitable hazards of fire.

Quality Care Cleaning Services assists the restaurant owners in their operations by providing several packages that do not only help them in their operational expenses but also assure a hygienic and safe restaurant, in conformity with the country's health and safety rules and regulations. These packages further assure that our clients can maximize their profits and also provide hassle-free operations, free from other worries that should not be in their minds after all. All our operations are in conformity with the NFPA Code of 96, 2008 Standards on Ventilation in Commercial Cooking Operations. Any restaurant-owners may know in detail how restaurants can lose their investments and prestige if they don't clean their exhaust systems, but unfortunately, it is often after experiencing it. The accumulation of grease and other flammable substances accumulate inside the duct, providing the fuel for a fire. All of our technicians have very high level and proficiency in kitchen exhaust cleaning systems, and are well-trained in all aspects of the job, from the initial survey and inspection, kitchen assessments, all the way to the kitchen exhaust & extraction system cleaning completion. All of these procedures are governed by the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) Standard of 96, Chapter 11, as well as other pertinent local and international standards.